Are We Better People With or Without Mobile Usage?

Mobile Usage:  More efficient? Or just more efficient procrastinators?

Are we better people for having a mobile device that allows us to do so many things or is it making us less engaged in real life?
Passive mobile users or passionate mobile consumers?
Depends on the moment, I guess.

What did I do tonight on my mobile device?

               What didn’t I do. 

I am proud to say the majority of my day was different from most, in that I spent a better part of it not on the phone! (Of course this is only in comparison to a usual rate, of extremely high amount of daily mobile usage).

I did in fact have a real phone conversation with a friend for  20 minutes.

My friend and I (below) in real life. (And please, seriously, anybody using IRL… It needs to stop, like, EW! Gross…There is NOT a valid abbreviation for EVERYTHING ~[end rant]).  
As an aside, this whole mobile discussion actually makes me think about the opposite effect. If I was surprised to report how ‘little’ I was utilizing my mobile device today, what activities did I do that fostered me to think this? I lifted my head and spoke to people, I picked up the phone and called someone instead of texted them, I wrote and reflected in that writing rather than passively absorbing information from the internet.  These aren’t hard things, but they surprise me because they have become unnatural due to the fact the web is closer for us often than real life is to real life . Wait, what? Yes. Younger generations are doing less and less of…well living; therefore does mobile make living in real life easier or harder when we have to actually face other humans?  Ponder it and refer to my article Why We Crave to Share

Back to being mobile….

I read emails and browsed a few hotel, flight, vacation and retail sites on my browser which were advertised to me from email marketing campaigns.

I actually don’t remember having been bombarded by any mobile ads (discounting email marketing), today at all.
I downloaded 2 new apps.
I began to use the apps, in which I am learning French, with Dulingo and working on my blog, on WordPress.   I organized my home screens and apps into folders.

I wrote a lengthy blog post.
I ranted on Twitter and on Facebook about my blog post topic, #Adderalldiaries,  which I also posted pictures to go along with my (air quotes) funny rants and hashtags.


I took a dumb Facebook quiz and did see an ad. An ad which I didn’t even realize I was looking at until I saw the screen shot I took.

I trifled through my recent likes, comments and follows on Instagram.

I made sure to upload some artsy photos on my IG.

 I tweeted…way more than I usually do.

 (I have been trying to use Facebook less. And FYI, moving your Facebook app to a 3rd or 4th app page totally helps.) I also cursed myself for tweeting without the ability to check myself of that grossly misspelled hashtag I used.

I used google maps to help me, not help me, find a place.
I looked up event I am going to, which lead me over to Twitter again to explore more and find people going. (Interconnected-ness)
I communicated with friends, family  and co-workers through email.

I texted. A. Lot. (But not as much as normal 😆👏🏻).

I listened to music on spotify (😍).

I helped myself be efficient while also engaging in wild procrastination for hours. Some of which I am smarter for and some of which I am going to be incredibly tired for, tomorrow.

I read the news on the Tech Crunch app.

I used Facebook messenger for all those people that for some reason cannot text 😒.

I forgot what I was initially doing and did something else irrelevant to my starting task.

So what are the pros and cons of this extreme amount of mobile usage and consumption for people? For you?
Take inventory on your own usage, what thoughts do they provoke? What do you want to change about you after looking at your behavior?


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