What One Amazing Marketing Video Can Do

Check out this new commercial from a Taiwanese Video Security Camera company, Vizer.

Evoking an intense emotion, Vizer did an exemplary job touching on a #globalissue while promoting their product through making consumers feel sadness, empathy, compassion, so intently.Please check out this video and let me know your own thoughts.


I felt touched by this commercial as something I needed to discuss not only from a marketing standpoint, but from a global citizenship standpoint.

The company did such a good job evoking emotion they went beyond an emotion in the moment of watching the video and reminds one of the concept of compassion as something to impart in their overall daily habits. We cannot under-value the importance of emotions in marketing, they, in fact are the key to moving consumers to act. There is a good deal of science behind why marketers main goal is to cultivate a feeling within consumers with a campaign or associated with their brand.

Check out more on the science of emotions in marketing, here!

The Importance of Emotions in Marketing 

The issues the company promotes, goes beyond the product; in fact, the product takes a back seat in efforts to promote the idea of taking more time to understand people- Be compassionate, see potential goodness over stereotypes, and most importantly, the issue of poverty/homelessness the world faces. Because of the way Vizer utilized, one of the best marketing tactics, to evoke an emotion from consumers, it leads to a global discussion and more importantly- sharing.

Now, the company becomes not just good marketers, but altruistic leaders who are starting a conversation, transcending the goal of marketing their product while igniting viral sharing, and global PR. Vizer promotes not just an emotion but a thought process. What can one’s revised compassion do to change the world? What can your actions do that reverberate beyond a one time result?

Creating a video that could easily go viral because of its killer content through storytelling is the key to creating a successful video marketing campaign.

Here’s a great article and infographic from Social Media Today on creating a killer video marketing campaign:

Secrets to a Killer Viral Video

The Secrets to a Killer Viral Video Campaign

What else can you do for your consumers, what awareness can you bring and how can you help the greater good of our global citizenship? Utilizing this tactic of marketing your company with a greater good in mind has endless benefits. Not only does it make people think twice, but it promotes conversation; conversation that is not only about the issues, but also about the company. What greater good did your last marketing campaign do? Video marketing is the trend this year, everyone is talking about it. Here’s a great article from Forbes on 5 Things Your Video Marketing Should Include

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