Is Live Streaming the Next Big Thing for Digital & Social Marketing? 

Live streaming

I was all about this when I read about the release of Meercat after SXSW. I downloaded the app and would go on periodically. I even did a live stream myself. After dwindling interest within the first few days, weeks went by and I deleted the app. There are many other live streaming apps and technologies being built into existing apps and mobile devices right now. But, is this the next big thing or are we marketeers putting too many of our beans in a pot we don’t even control?

I had recognized this potential trend as something with real possibility to be on the verge of the next big thing for many reasons. And we all know that if we can be on the front lines of the newest thing in the fastest changing industry, we are winning. However, I had, and still do, have doubts about this trend. Plus I have yet to see it catch fire.

Nonetheless, we are continuing to not know what is really going to catch on and what’s not, until it does.  Hence, it’s up to us to stand behind an idea, an innovation, or platform with our own confidence and certainty (as digital marketers) in order to be the early adopters of social revolutions in the digital space. Meanwhile, we must keep in mind that it is not us early adopters who can establish a viral craze. We can support it, promote it to our clients, etc. but the real attention gets paid when the masses are involved. But when the masses are there, we are no longer on the front lines. Sounds a bit like the chicken before the egg conundrum.

It makes me think, how can we be involved (other than taking our own part in active use) in generating a viral craze? Seems to me that many times I can tell people are truly catching on, when I hear multiple people ask me if I do X or say you must try X”. The irony I see is in the transitions between digital use and real life.

“The viewer is the new studio boss and the viewer wants it now, and now means live in real time,” Will Keenan, president of video platform StreamUp, said at a panel on Saturday.” 

5 things we learned from the first-ever Stream Con – Mashable

Real conversations between people about digital technologies in the online and mobile space only become valid truths if people are talking about it in real life. Funny isn’t it?


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