Awesome Updates in Tech

I have to say, when I learned there was a new iphone update, I was less than impressed. The updates rarely are life changing…but, last week my life changed with an (early) download of the iOS9 software.

iOS 9 Software Update

I was so excited after reading my daily tech blogs about the features of iOS9 software, and learning that it would be released the very following day (!) I started to feel like Veruca Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, screaming (in my head) “But, Daddy I WANT A GOLDEN IOS 9 UPDATE NNOOOOWWW!”

I did a lot less scouring of the internet than I had expected to find a beta download of the software available and quickly downloaded it. By the time I had a break in my class, mind you I couldn’t even wait until my class was over to download, I had the update in hand, armed with having read about the exciting features, I was off to play.


  1. Low Battery Mode: This feature alone was enough to make me NEED the update immediately. Albeit, I feel a certain IMG_6445kinda way about the fact that this is inherently one of the greatest benefits of the Android phone and thus is just a copy of their feature, it was still great to think our iphones’ could last just a little bit longer than the baby sized lifeone charge gives you. Not only can you turn on low battery mode at any time to enhance the battery life, but there is now a battery category in your settings in which you can see which apps are using the most battery and just how much over the time since your last charge. Go to Settings-> Battery–> Turn battery percentage on and a list will drop down of all apps and how much battery usage they are using. Touch one of the apps and it will go into further detail.
  2. TRANSIT MAPS: If you don’t live in NYbenefits of the ios9 update from a digital marketerC, or any major city the updates to the Google Maps app may not be as thrilling as it was to me, but let’s pretend you do. Google maps can now show you transportation that is closest, how to get to the closest train that will take you to your destination and.. drumroll please, HOW LONG UNTIL THE NEXT TRAIN ARRIVES!!  I know, it made me cry a little bit too.
  3. Siri Improvements: Now you might be thinking who cares, ‘I never use Siri anyway’.  But the reason we don’t use Siri is because previously she sucked! Now, she actually understands everything you say without having to speak robotically or say it 50 times. She is also  smarter than she was, you can ask her to do any built-in app related action that comes with an iPhone, like Siri remind me I have a doctor’s appointment at 12PM  tomorrow, and boom a calendar appointment. It was super helpful yesterday when I had a class late, which cut into my watching the Jets game in which I could check the score just by asking her.
    Yes, she is smarter and more witty *(and can be a man or woman, Australian, British or American accented- see your settings), but while I can ask her to call ME whatever I want, the update doesn’t allow her to be anybody to Siri..even to me. Siri
  4. Photo Shuffle: Yes, yes, this is yet another feature that androids have had for some time, stuff it! If you go into your photos, click into a particular photo, at the bottom of the screen you will see small thumbnails in which you can scroll quickly through tons of photos. For people like me, with almost 6K photos, this is helpful.
  5. Doodle Time & Improved Notes: Personally, I use my notes app often, especially since it sinks with my Icloud notes from my computer. Within notes you can now make bullets, take pictures and doodle oIMG_6508n those pictures! You can even draw with a pencil, marker, etc. in various colors.
  6. Selfie & Screenshot photos: If you ever find it imperative to convey your embarrassing moments in conversation with others in picture, or share the most laughable IG post you recently saw with your friends you probably have a ton of screenshots, so this feature is pretty cool. Also, if you’re as narcissistic as many of us women who find a mirror outdated, and a camera the only way to check ourselves out, you will find having a selfie folder helpful. Now, keep in mind this does not take the selfies that you have in your all photo album out- so keep those R rated pics somewhere else.
  7. Sexual Activity: The health app that records your steps taken, can now record your sexual activity…not sure how that works but yeah.
  8. Convert any Safari page into a PDF: Pretty explanatory…

Plus, there are much more hidden features, but the above features were the most notably life changing ones (personally).


snapchat application updates, new snapchat feature
Snapchat app update

The sad news is that I am a heavy snapchat user, advocate and lover…Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but, uh…I’m 29.

None the less, the news about snapchat now trying to monetize in a new way to include a pay for replay *(more than once) was larger news than the much more exciting part of this revised update to the app, of the facial recognition interactive filters! You can now throw up rainbows, terminate people, look old, cry like a cartoon, yell like a zombie, etc.

Super cool…

I should probably kill myself now that I have admitted I am a selfie-takin, snapchat-loving queen.

Direct Messaging + Send IG photos to Friends + IG Ads

Now this update is not as revolutionary nor recently new as the others but I finally actually found it useful to my life and applicable this past week. So, particularly if you want to say mean things about your friends’ ugly picture to another friend (just kidding- no not really) or if you want to have a group chat with your besties and are tired of taking a million screen shots of IG to send to your friends to enjoy a laugh together, this feature is helpful. I read from reviewers a few weeks back that this was Instagram trying to compete with Snapchat as a way to sent users private or multiple users photos but certainly isn’t there yet


I love the new Instagram ads. Normally, I would not be advocating advertisements on social platforms as I believe it’s more of a waste than advertisers think, but Instagram did a great job of doing ads that don’t annoy people & engage users deeply.  From a marketer’s perspective I would say these are something worth investing in, as I see these ads as

instagram ads
Shop in application

ones which are likely much more likely to have an improved click-through rate, conversion rate and increased ROI. One of the things I see as a plus above and beyond other platforms, is that in my one experience with shopping from clicking through from an ad, the whole shopping experience seemed to be in app. Usually the link will lead you out of the platform, which means you are losing people’s attention from the initial experience, their eyeballs and hence directing traffic out of your site (if you are the social platform in this case). More on this to come, but I see it as having a greater increase and uptake at a faster rate for advertisers. Think about advertising on Instagram if you haven’t yet.

On the right is a screen shot of my personal expereince using an instagram ad, and how the shopping expereince did not take me to Safari, but the whole journey was within the Instagram app! Or so it seemed to me as the shopper and marketer. Please comment if I am incorrect about this in any way.


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