Why Creating a Blog Will Help Your Business

Are you questioning how a blog could be useful to your business? Here’s your answer!

Combining my own digital marketing knowledge and listening to guest speaker, Todd Giannattasio from Tresnic Media let’s talk about some of the key reasons your business can benefit from a blog.

  1. Improve the SEO of your company’s website

When you create a blog, you create more content connected to your website that has the opportunity to speak about the topic or industry of which you do business in and you can position yourself as an expert in that industry.

To simplify one of the elements of how SEO, search engine optimization, works let’s try to think about it this way; the more pages your website has on your related industry, keywords and search term, the better it does when crawlers from google look for it and hence the better it can perform to be returned as a search result.

What does this mean in benefits?

A blog builds credibility, increases visibility and generates more opportunity for you to be found. 

2.   Save money in marketing costs and add fuel to the conversation 

Blogs allow you to create a platform to speak to your audience, build a new audience, gather prospective customers and inform people looking for information on the topic of which you are in business. Creating your own audience means having to spend less money creating brand awareness through marketing/advertising.

Think about what you do if you like or find value from an article you read, you might be compelled to share it with someone else who could derive value.

If you can create a great blog post, one that brings value to your readers, they will then share it which is generating new leads and creating buzz. Taking on a life of its own, a viral life for a post is the ideal situation for your posts. But remember, promoting your posts is important for this life to generate. Once you start creating content, understanding what works for your audience is another important component, and just as vital as creating new content regularly.

Blogs can be lead magnets, this = save money acquiring leads.

3.    Opportunity to build relationships and build trust

One of the single most important ideas in selling and creating lasting relationships is to cultivating lasting relationship which can be based on something of value and therein create trust. The value of trust, in you and your brand, from your consumers can be cultivated by informing people around a topic that they are looking to learn more about but not be sold to.

In the first step of the consumer journey towards purchasing, especially for high cost purchases, is information seeking. Today’s world is saturated with marketers looking to sell their products, but increasingly so consumers don’t want to be sold to.

If you can create an objective platform, with a blog, where the consumer has the opportunity to learn about their purchase decision/topic, you are providing them with value which leads to a cultivation of trust, beginning a relationship. 

I’ll leave you with one last thought from Todd Giannattasio, a great tip which I thought was super insightful for blogging beginners wondering where and how to start…

                      “Write a blog post like you would an email.” {paraphrased for lack of memory}

Watch out for my next blog post on blogging best practices *(now, that you all are going to start your blogs!).

Check out Todd’s Blog, here’s a link to a great post that can help you getting people to that blog, you’re starting! Driving Traffic to A New Blog Post



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